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Today’s prompt for the 30 day blog challenge is “Mood of The Day”. I have been trying to keep up daily but with being so busy it has been quite difficult. Today, I have a little time to spare so I decided to participate.

My “Mood of The Day” is many moods wrapped up in one beautiful package called Lydia with a big beautiful bow.


I am happy because I have been blessed to live another beautiful day. Life is precious and to be treasured and grateful for. I’m happy to have gained two clients, one client employs me to do freelance writing (SEO articles), the second is a social media management client.

Excitement is a mood I am feeling because all of my hard work is paying off. Rebuilding and re-branding my virtual assistant business and making time to write my book. Everything is falling in place and it is cause for excitement. It’s great when you can watch all your plans and efforts come together.


Motivation is what will keep me on the road to successful business owner and published author. It’s the same motivation that burns in me at this very moment that will allow me to reach my goals and encourage others to do the same.

So all of these emotions are my mood of the day!!! Share!!! What are you feeling today?

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Why I Chose To Be An Entrepreneur.

“If you don’t know what your passion is, realize that one reason for your existence on earth is to find it.” Oprah Winfrey

As a youth, when I was asked by adults what I wanted to be when I grew up my response was a writer. Sometimes, I would blurt out the obvious… a nurse or teacher. In all honestly, I really had no idea!

Teachers would have visitors talk to the class about their professions.  We often learned what career choices were available but none sparked my interest.  The lack of appealing career options and the cloud of uncertainty continued into my high school years. At one point I considered being a lawyer but I was not overly infatuated with the idea.

I began to think about what I was good at as well as my passion in life. I always had a love for writing and literature. The love to write short stories, reports and read books of all kinds was undeniable. My teachers always expressed a love for my writing. In my mind the ability to earn a good living did not seem obtainable.

Studying American history another favorite subject presented another option in a weird way. I learned about a few intelligent women pioneers in business. Women who successfully created their own careers. The names and accomplishments of these women remained etched in my mind to this day.

Mary Katherine Goddard, the first female publisher. She was also the first American woman post master in Baltimore, Maryland. Famous for printing the first copy of the Declaration of Independence it included the names of all signers.


Lydia E. Pinkham converted home remedies into a business geared towards meeting the health needs of women.


Madame C.J. Walker invented Madame C.J. Walkers Wonderful Hair Grower. A conditioner and healing formula for hair and scalp care.


Women taking simple ideas and passions and turning them into profitable businesses. These are just a few of the women who paved the way for women like me.  Each women uniquely grooming their ventures to excel in a male dominated industry. They sought out and utilized resources that existed for men to ensure their success. Making history!

I’m quite sure these revolutionary women had secrets to their success that we will never unveil. Most importantly they played towards their strengths and motivated others.

Creativity and service are my strengths. I have always owned this insatiable desire to create with words, innovate and excel in the business world. Sure, I can easily work for a fortune 500 company and climb the corporate ladder. What drives me is the ability to write and watch businesses excel.

There will be good days and bad days, profit and loss. Many long days and sleepless nights but the victory of reaching my goals is what keeps me faithful. I am a confident and proud female writer and entrepreneur.

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Physical Fitness and Our Careful Motivation of children and teens.

In 2002 the government cut the amount of funding for physical education in public schools. Health and physical education which were once a mandatory class to graduate is now an elective if offered. These cuts leave very little money available for hiring physical education teachers and ordering equipment. Over the past two years I have noticed a few bad fitness situations with children and the school system.


I was disturbed at the story regarding the 9 year old sent home with the fitness letter from school.  I feel it was a bad decision to send the letters home with the children. Children are inquisitive by nature! Letters of this nature should have been mailed to the homes. Why not discuss this matter with the parent on parent/ teacher night? I’m also quite sure the teachers have the ability to email the parents. Most important is the message that can be perceived by children and teens.

  • If they are not skinny/ slender they are considered overweight or obese.
  • Classified as overweight or obese if not as physically active or fit as peers.

We are creating a feeling of inferiority and self-consciousness. We should be motivating our children and teens to be healthier. When the fitness examinations are taking place is the following considered…

  • Body structure.
  • Physical lifestyle outside of school.
  • Physical abilities and inabilities.
  • Nutritional habits.
  • Health

There is a better way of promoting physical fitness to children and teens. Through thorough research as well as collaboration between school and home. We are sure to break the epidemic of obesity. A few tips to get started are as follows…

  • Start by making physical fitness fun.
  • Become more active as a family.
  • Educate children and teens about the benefits of physical fitness.
  • Reduce TV and computer time.
  • Make physical fitness mandatory in schools.

Let’s keep in mind that physical activity must take place at home as well as in school. As parents we have to take time out of our busy schedules to become more involved in our children’s physical well-being. It is not necessary to bully or embarrass children and teens into physical fitness with secret letters or pressure to get involved in sports. Find the present fitness level of the child/ teen and build upon that. What is the current physical interests of the teen? As an ex- certified fitness trainer, I would recommend 60 minutes of aerobic activity a day. A few fun activities children and teens can do for exercise are:

  • Play soccer
  • Brisk walk
  • Run
  • Bicycling
  • Dancing
  • Rollerblading


A strength training regimen should not be implemented until after puberty and with a professional. What is most important is to stimulate and maintain their interest in a supportive and non- aggressive manner. I feel the change in the approach taken towards the subject will make a huge difference. Motivational and open conversations between teachers and parents as well as parents and their children will contribute to keeping our children physically fit. Making fitness and health a community- wide effort will make up for the lack of physical education professionals in our schools.






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