An Eventful New Year

Hello, fellow bloggers! Hope the new year is treating you exceptionally well. For me, it is quite eventful. As some of you may have noticed, I’m in the process of re-branding my virtual assistant business. This process has been time-consuming but fun I must say. Most entrepreneurs would see it as stressful and a little painstaking. I look at it as an opportunity to build upon the foundation I have started and further my growth.


My decision to make modifications was influenced by client comments. When you work in close collaboration with people, they can give you insight into your business. If you’re open to it! In my case, their subtle suggestions made sense, so now I’m running with it. So as this month moves along, you will see my new business name The Militant Virtual Assistant. I’m excited about the change.

A Total Do Over!!!

Love is funny!!! As a young girl, I wanted to own a business, be married to my best friend minus the children. During my time in the military, I was going to be a lifer and married to a lifer as well. Children never fit into life’s equation for me. One of the reasons for the end of my first marriage was because he wanted a child. That was the minor issue, but the rest is a story to be told later. In the past, when I dated which was not often I stayed away from men with young children. Well, when Jim and I met I decided to try something different. In the beginning, it was okay, but things changed. His son started to have behavioral issues that were leading him down the wrong road. So, to make a long story short, we decided to end our engagement and continue as friends. Single again!!! I thought I would be sad and depressed but what’s weird is I feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders. I can’t figure out why!!! What is also funny is that everywhere I go online I encounter singles ads and blog websites for 40 and overs. I almost feel like I’m being spied on. LOL!!! I visited a blog, and the blogger wrote as if single at forty is the end of the world. I got a good laugh that day. Life is what you make it! Saturday, I will be forty years young, and I feel as if I’m in my prime. Life has granted me a do over!


This year so far has kept me smiling and laughing. Definitely, good writing material as well. I hope life has been full of laughs and smiles for you as well.


The Benefits of Working for a Start-Up.

Have you ever been approached or read an ad about a start- up business venture that interested you? You failed to take advantage of the opportunity only to find out a year or two later it is a very successful business. Do you avoid start- ups fearing that it might not be successful? Maybe the pay rate is not what you expect and for most that is a very important factor. As we contemplate over all of this when considering getting in on a start- up, let’s take time to consider the benefits as well.

There are many long- term benefits of working for a start- up. We all want growth in our career choices. You have the ability to grow substantially by showing off your skills. You will most likely be one of two or three personnel that do your job. As the business grows so do you! Most times when we join an established corporation it takes years to begin the climb up the corporate ladder if at all. Not to mention our peers whom we must compete with for that position that is high demand.

A start- up has many trailblazers and creators. Your opinion is often sought out, considered and implemented. This gives you the ability to use your skills, creativity and business savvy to help the company’s growth. How many times have you made a suggestion to help the company you work for and felt it was truly appreciated? How many think tanks has the company held and applied the beneficial ideas that were presented? A promising start- up will definitely have think tank sessions to consistently ensure its growth. These sessions are your opportunity to think outside the box and show how much of an asset you are to the company.

When seeking to gain experience, a start- up is the perfect place. Most times you will be taught new skills and asked to play many different roles. Learning new skills and implementing them on a daily or weekly basis allows you to increase your marketability within and outside that business. Your willingness to learn and work hard shines the spotlight on you when promotions are on the table. Start-Ups

Last but definitely not least the financial return. The pay may not be what you need or what you are seeking. Take the time to look ahead, as the start- up grows financially so does your pay rate. In the future, the company will have great financial incentives that those employed later may not have offered to them. Not only will you be paid a great pay rate but you may have stock options, bonuses, retirement and other financial benefits. Working for a start- up may not be financially rewarding at the ground level but let’s think about its future. It would be a great feeling to watch the business develop and to be a part of something great. All the hard work you put in in the beginning will pay off in the end.

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Women Entrepreneurs Our Drive for Success

I recently read an article about Barbara Corcoran a businesswoman who started “The Corcoran Group” from a $1000 loan that is now a $5 billion dollar business. She is a consultant, speaker, investor and now a TV personality on Shark Tank. I learned about Barbara Corcoran 2 years ago and literally adopted her as a perfect model of what I wanted to be as an entrepreneur.

In the article “Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran: Real Winners Say ‘Hit Me Again’ was a very interesting and enlightening read. The article provides encouragement to other women who are in the pool of entrepreneurship or just starting to get their feet wet. To read about the obstacles that she encountered along the way would encourage all women to go from “Paycheck to Prosperity” ( Barbara Corcoran has a degree in education and also waited tables at one time in her life. She is now a business mogul.

As women, we tend to allow life and it’s occurrences to hold us back and others to discourage us. Corcoran also fought through some of the same obstacles we face. Her boyfriend ran away with her secretary, she suffers from dyslexia and has a fear of failure. How many of us have similar fears and circumstances that make us feel unable to accomplish great things? I will be the first one to say that as a twice-divorced woman who watched her virtual assisting business that was striving, crumble to the ground due to a second divorce. I can definitely understand and feel what she went through. My drive is stronger than my circumstances and so are you!

What business venture or vision do you have that constantly burns deep within? It does not matter if one person is doing that same business or a million others. Barbara started from an idea the drive and ambition to strive for success allowed her to accomplish great things. We have the ability to tell the world and all of its nay doubters “Hit Me Again”. We must wake up every day with the mindset of what we will do to get closer to our goals, establishing a thriving business. Rejection should be fuel for the fire within us as it was for Barbara Corcoran. I challenge you and myself to get started or even to go to the next level in your business ventures. If you are looking for like-minded women feel free to inquire at We are women who support other women in all of their endeavors.


Barbara Corcoran, “The Corcoran Group” and Shark Tank TV Personality

Barbara Corcoran

Lydia Oyetunji: The woman you want to meet.

Personable, dependable,confident, different and some even say weird. These are just a couple of the descriptions I remember off the top of my head. I welcome them all and I actually agree. As I sit back and take the time to introduce myself to the world, I also get to honestly assess myself as a person.

I am a proud American veteran. Yes, American don’t let the last name fool you. My greatest accomplishment was my four year service to my country. I would do it again in a heartbeat!  I’m an entrepreneur, virtual assistant and a closet writer. Don’t get me wrong I write articles for clients and I just started blogging. I have been writing short stories all my life.

Enough with all the boring stuff. LOL!!  I’m fun loving, whenever you see me I’m smiling. You’d be able to hear it in my voice. I start each day with yoga, quiet meditation and reflection, then prayer. I pray for the world…. I love people, animals, plants, food. I love the idea and the feeling of love and happiness. For me the cup of life is always half full, almost running over, never half empty. Wait now… I do have bad days!

As a 37 year old woman in a second marriage that is going nowhere fast. My husband lives in Russia, yes… Russia. I have not seen or touched him since June 2012. I have no children and at this point don’t foresee it. This is totally different than what I dreamed of as a girl. I saw myself as a wife, mother and journalist. I love what I do as an entrepreneur and virtual assistant but yes sometimes I feel like something is missing. On the other hand I have a care free lifestyle, I can do whatever I want it’s only me. I have been alone for so long it would almost feel strange living with someone.

Music is one of my favorite past- times. I love all genres, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Chuck Berry, Mile Davis, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Katy Perry, Jay- Z, and Beyoncé. I can go on and on, all of this and more is what you will find on my IPod or computer. Movies choices range from chick flicks, action, documentaries to comedy.

I love poodle skirts, cars and music of the 50’s. Gladiator movies, murder mysteries and documentaries. There is so much to love in history and fantasy, which spark and feeds creativity.

Go Patriots!!! I Love Football, hopefully we can get a break this year. We need a ring! LOL!!! “We”, maybe they will give me an honorary super bowl ring. Nascar driving is always good and I have been a few times when I lived in Florida. I was also gifted with the Nascar Driving Experience, it was totally awesome!!! I love Dale Earnhardt Jr., he really deserves a season win.

My ideal day is shopping for a sexy dress and stilettos, getting a manicure and pedicure for a great night at dinner.  The following day you may find me at the gun range or suited up for paint ball. Oh, I forgot to mention I was an expert shooter in the Navy. I’m still pretty good if I must say so myself.

Peace, happiness and love are my daily mantras. So, yes I will definitely say I’m the woman you want to meet. A lifelong friend, sister from another mother, kindred spirit, hard worker. This my friends is me, Lydia Oyetunji. 


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