Are Writers Destroying On-line Writing Sites?

What is the quality of your writing?

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By: Peter B. Giblett

One writer on the general interest site Wikinut has suggested that many on-line writers are “destroying writing sites“, as an on-line writer, moderator, and editor I am very concerned about the quality of language used as a growing number of people find ways to express their thoughts. Thus the on-line writing world is living a paradox, with conflict between the need for quality and the need to publish.

Encouraging New Writers

In truth I remember the need to write on-line for the first time and If I ever look back at those articles I know they do not demonstrate the same standard of writing as my current articles do. It is my belief that new writers should always be encouraged – it takes a leap of faith of gigantic proportions to start writing in a public forum, especially for the more conservative…

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Writing and Using Metaphors

My latest post on “Two Drops of Ink” a blog for seasoned and new writers!!!

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

By Lydia Oyetunji

“Writing is The Air I Breathe. Without it I will surely Die.”

 Are you familiar with metaphors? How often do you include them in your writing? I’m a writer who has been newly introduced to metaphors. I remember metaphors and similes from my high school years, but I don’t think I have applied them to my writing very often. My purpose for writing this article is to refresh the memory of seasoned writers as well as assist new writers.

What is a metaphor?

Simply put, a metaphor is a figure of speech comparing two different things that have something in common. Metaphor is a Greek word that means to “transfer” of “carry across.” Metaphors “carry across” the meaning from one image, word, or idea to another. Be careful not to confuse the comparing of two items with similes, by using “like” or “as.”

How do I…

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The Etiquette of Editors

Writer and Editors… Read this blog post from Two Drops of Ink. Share your story on Two Drops of Ink blog and on the NEW Facebook page.

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog


Most published writers, in one medium or another, will have a “mean” editor story. If you’re a writer, and you don’t have an editor story then, believe me, you will have at some point. Why do I say this? Because of the sad fact that so many “editors” are unnecessarily rude to writers.

What do you call a good editor? Is it someone that will cosign your bad work? Is it someone that knows good grammar and syntax? Is it someone that breaths down your neck like a Marine Corps Sargent and screams at you when you make a typo? I can tell you that I’ve had all of the above, and more. None of these is a good editor. A good editor knows grammar, but also knows how to help a writer develop better flowing, more meaningful writing, and they do so with respect for the writer.

If you…

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Article: The Evolving Literary Agent: What Savvy Writers Need to Know

Great information. All writers can and will learn from this article. Thanks for posting!!!

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

story book dreamyThe Evolving Literary Agent: What Savvy Writers Need to Know

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