When Everything Falls Perfectly Into Place!

Don’t you love when you put a plan into action, and it unfolds just as you hoped? Even the smallest accomplishments in life can be satisfying. At least they are to me. As an optimist, I believe the small achievements give way to the major ones.


I have been writing full time for six months now. Which has always been a desire of mine! The ability to do what I’m most passionate about for a living. When I started virtual assisting, I thought most of my work would come from social media marketing and management with a splash of writing tasks. In the past, it did, but as of lately the majority of contract work has been writing content for websites, articles, and research. I’m not complaining, in fact, I am excited!

Two Drops of Ink adds to my excitement! For those of you who do not follow Two Drops of Ink, first I say… “shame on you!!!” Just kidding, to each their own but you don’t know what you’re missing! I have noticed many of my followers here, and on Instagram and Twitter are now regulars on the site. The literary site has grown tremendously, conquering many obstacles. The move from Blogger to WordPress! The move due to growth served up a hit to it’s following, but Two Drops of Ink overcame it by leaps and bounds. When people love something so much, they will do everything possible to keep it a part of their lives. Along the way the site has earned many awards and is on its way to becoming the best literary site for writers. It’s already in the top 50 best writing blogs that achievement is huge!!! All the new features are a great addition to the site. The Book Shelf is for authors to promote their novels. Wall of Poets debuts the work of seasoned and upcoming poets. Hump Day Humor gives us writers something to laugh about so if you have a funny story or memoir piece submit it. Sunday Spotlight highlights contributors to the site. The site is excellent! I remember coming on board right after the transition. The growth I have seen along the way has been incredible. I also credit my growth as a writer to the site. The camaraderie of the team is like no other. I am ecstatic to be in the company of such great writers. As we speak, I’m working on my next three pieces for Two Drops, and I hope to read a post from you in the future as well.


I will continue to Live, Love, Share!!! This blog is my baby, and yes she has been a little neglected, but I have a strategy. I can function on less sleep!!! LOL!!! For my love of writing and my future literary career, I’m willing to give up a lot!!! So my friends, until next time…soon, have an awesome week and may the power of the pen be with you!!!


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Two Drops Of Ink Literary Blog



Writing Respectfully

How respectful is YOUR #writing? A wonderful piece written by Michelle Gunnin. If you have not subscribed to the blog voted one of the “TOP” blogs for writers then… shame on you!!! LOL!!! Stop by and take a looksie, the #2DropsofInk cup runneth over with talent!!!

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog


By: Michelle Gunnin

We had all hoped after the election that things would simmer down.  Instead, it seems that things have only become more heated. There are protests, social media is blowing up, families and friends are arguing publicly, and everywhere hurtful words are spoken or typed…all in an effort to be heard. It seems everyone is offended at someone. Opinions are running high, and compassion is nearly nonexistent. I tend to want to hide in my house and bury my head rather than venture out into the political war zone.

To me, the most alarming trend in recent days is the total lack of respect we seem to have for one another.  Name calling has reached an all-time high.  If my children had used some of these words growing up, discipline would have been sharp and swift.  Instead, now, we proclaim these things about our fellow citizens as if…

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Writing Challenge: A picture prompt that provokes a memoir piece

I invite everyone to participate in this challenge on “Two Drops of Ink”. Happy writing :):)

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

Pick from one of the images:

piene1 Image #1 (www.razkritia.com)

94294265_6099256b14_z Image #2 (alisdair jones)

287217_59e9211f4a67dc33cb5f84d208f150f9_large Image #3 (http://pixdaus.com/)

A note from the Editor: 

As most of you know, we did a poll last month to get a feel for which writing challenge our writers and readers liked best between the two that we did. The responses were not overwhelmingly tilted toward one or the other; the image prompt barley beat the memoir challenge. So, the team decided that we should do a sort of “combination” of the two. The new challenge will begin as of tonight – take a long look at the photos above and let one of them bring forth a memory. Write about that memory and submit it to us for possible publication.

We are excited to see the results. In past challenges, we’ve had some new writers – first time published…

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Fiction Writing: Become Your Character

Guys and Gals, here is another post from Two Drops of Ink. Mosey on over and take a look.

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

1280px-little_women_lobby_card_1933“Write what you know…”

By Lydia Oyetunji

I started writing fiction at a young age. The first time I wrote for an audience was for a school assignment. If you can, in fact, call your literature teacher ‘an audience.’ Nevertheless, you can imagine how nervous and excited I felt. In a way, this would be my literary debut. My short story would be the best in my class, earning me an “A” as well as a pat on the back. My paper was typed without error and included all the bells and whistles; it had a cover sheet neatly tucked inside of its plastic folder.

A week later my composition was returned to me riddled with red ink and a big fat ‘C.’ I was disheartened by the look of my wounded paper and the letter grade it wore. How could I fall short in mastering something that I love so…

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A Poll: Give us you thoughts

Hello to all my #writing comrades,
Two Drops of Ink is a writing blog that I absolutely love and write for. Stop by and weigh in on our poll. We value the thoughts, submissions and feedback of our followers. If you are a seasoned or newbie writer it is the blog for you. Stop by today and enter your submission or take the poll. You will love all the great content and conversations.

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

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The ‘Memoir Challenge’: Out From the Darkness

Two Drops of Ink is much more than a literary blog! It’s a community where writers let their hair down, share and encourage. Compelling #shortstories, #memoir, #poetry and much more.

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

By Lydia Oyetunji

The sun is shining brightly through the window. It welcomes me to come out and enjoy all that it has to offer. Unmoved, the invitation goes unanswered. Instead, I give into my mental and emotional incarceration. I am in a dark place, and it is where I feel comfortable. My valley of lavender lilies and beautiful butterflies no longer exists. No matter how it may seem this dungeon is not where I choose to take up residence but where my mind and emotions force me to live. This is merely the effects of depression.

I was not always this person on a forever emotional roller coaster ride. I was once this consistently bubbly, outgoing, and happy person. Compliments about my permanent smile and optimism followed me for as long as I can remember. No one knew what lay dormant behind those gleaming brown eyes and contagious laugh…

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A note from the Editor

Seeking to have your story published? Submit your #memoir to Two Drops of Ink.

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

Good morning Two Drops followers, readers, and contributors. I wanted to drop a quick note to thank you all for the massive response we received to the “Memoir Challenge,” which, by-the-way, is still not complete. I still have a couple of submissions to edit and publish. It appears that memoir is one of the favorite genres here on the blog. This comes as no surprise to those of us that love this genre; it’s still a hot genre in the publishing world. I would encourage those of you that are writing memoirs to go back and look at some of our Literary Agent updates where you will find a list of agents looking for memoir queries.

I want to take a moment to thank all of our loyal readers, followers, and contributors. We have created a unique “animal” here at Two Drops of Ink. We have managed to create a…

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We Practice What We Preach: Scott Biddulph is Published Elsewhere

Get to know more about Two Drops of Ink editor. Read his post on Indie Plot Twist.

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

Note from the Assistant Editor, Marilyn L. Davis

We know the power of guest posts at Two Drops of Ink and actively solicit them. Our motives are to give our readers a literary experience told from several perspectives, voices and styles. Second, it means that each writer doesn’t feel pressured to produce three posts a week by themselves.

And third, we have an opportunity to write for other publications.  

07.01.12 021

Our editor, Scott Biddulph, won’t brag on himself. I, on the other hand, will.  He recently wrote What’s in a Noun: How I Went from a Wannabe to a Writerfor Indie Plot Twist. (It’s the third post down; don’t leave until you read it).

I know the story, but many of you don’t, so this gives you more background on Scott, but just as importantly, it may just give you the courage to write that book.

Or at least submit…

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A Father’s Love

John C. Gyorki is the author of the #memoir “Sitting Ovation: Coming Full Circle” that was truly a touching story. Well, once again he steals your heart with this next piece. It is a must read. If you did not become a fan of John reading his last composition this one will definitely change your mind.

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

By John C. Gyorki


Where do I start?

The sun rose to greet me with another beautiful morning on Cope Island, South Carolina, August 2015. I felt the warmth from the rays upon my face. The light peeked its way through the narrow opening of the blind which came into the bedroom I occupied. My eyes reluctantly wanted to open, but the shimmer of the sunlight light continued to dance on my face for attention. I felt such a sense of peace and relished in the moment of calmness. Sadly, my moment of bliss quickly faded into tension; I was thinking about the work I had to complete, before making my way back to Michigan. My thoughts raced to no end. I finally sprang up out of bed to start the day. My stepmom, wife, and I, sat down for breakfast and sipped some coffee. We chit-chatted for a time before…

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The ‘Memoir’ Challenge: Tell us your stories

Have a story to tell? Two Drops of Ink #memoir challenge is the perfect stage.

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

One of our goals here at Two Drops of Ink has always been to encourage and promote both budding writers and seasoned writers. Another one of our aspirations is to conjoin our audience with our contributing authors’ audiences, if they have one, to create a win-win-win for the writers, the readers and followers of this site, and for us—the Team—as well. Last week we did a challenge using an image to prompt writers to write a fictional short story. We had an enormously positive response and a ton of submissions. Out of those submissions, three made the cut for publication. It was a blast, and our followers let it be known that they enjoyed this event. This week (not that we will do a challenge every week) we would like to focus on memoirs.

The memoir is a very popular genre for a number of reasons, but the biggest one—we…

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