Discovering the kink and fetish community. Is this sexy secret for you?

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Justin watched the woman from a corner across the room. He was turned on by her how the silk rope accented her slender neck and nicely-toned back, he instantly wanted to collar her. Aroused at the short leather skirt, how her soft round cheeks peeked out from under it. His eyes traveled down to the bright red heals and he yearned to see them perched up high. He felt an uncontrollable pull, a yearning from deep within. Okay, wait. I’m gonna stop there!  The following lines make for a sexy read. Right? Now, imagine witnessing this scene in person. Well, I had the pleasure of doing just that. This is a continuation of the blog post… “Sex. The good, the ordinary and the ability to overcome boundaries.”I wanted to share my introduction to the fetish community. It was an intriguing learning experience. 

Dare to peek behind the velvet curtain.

My longtime friend Rachael is very familiar with the fetish lifestyle and attends events regularly. She frequents events that are similar to going to a nightclub and those that are more upscale invite only type. I was lucky, my first event was by invite, I was her plus one.  This fetish event required you to dress sexy. You could wear fetish attire or merely dress up. This gave me an excuse to break out the red corset tutu that I usually wear under my retro style dresses. The back in the day fishnet hose and of course stilettos heels. To see Rachael in a liquid leather skin-tight jumper was very surprising. This was definitely a side I knew about but never witnessed with my own eyes. We had our sexy on and was ready to go. 

Kinks and Fetishes in Crimson and Gold.

The parking lot was almost full. At the door, there were two well-dressed gentlemen checking invitations and names on a list. When we entered, it was not at all what I expected. It was raining crimson and gold. The tastefully decorated tables, chairs, perfectly-placed platforms or mini stages and lighting were impressive. You could tell there was thought put into planning the event. Nicely dressed men and women. Men in business suits, jeans button-down shirts, and jacket, a few were in what was explained to be dom-like all black with a flogger hanging from their side. I never saw so many school girl, leather and lace seductively dressed women in one place. Those who wanted to remain anonymous wore masks. Everyone in attendance wanted to get a taste of their particular kink or fetish. This place was a romance writers dream. I bought a drink and found a semi-lit corner where I can view most of what was going on and let my voyeuristic side take over. 

Sadomasochism is on display. 

There was a platform performance or act that piqued my interest and inspired the opening scene of this post. The woman was bent over on a contraption called a spanking bench while this guy wielding what looked like a fraternity paddle smacked her bottom until it matched the color of our surroundings. Rachael explained it as a form of sadomasochism. I guess she read the concerned look on my face because she abruptly informed me that what I was witnessing is the lower level act. It can get much more sadistic. She directed my attention to a guy standing against a wall. The intensity in his face made you want to know what he was thinking. Needless to say, paddling was a fetish he enjoyed. 

Bondage or rope play. 

Believe it or not, some people enjoy the act of being tied up. Rachel made sure I was front and center for this act. The girl was laid out on the stage as the gentleman used silk rope to basically hog tie her. This was not the type you would witness from a Cowboy at a state fair. He took great care in his work. Slowly and methodically he started above her breast and laced the rope down wrapping it around her several times. He crisscrossed it in front of her stomach, wrapped several times around her waist and strategically around her butt, between her legs then wrapped her legs all the way down to her ankles. The act was well rehearsed. Oh, but it did not stop there! A hook was attached to the rope at her lower back, and she was carefully hoisted into the air. As she hung there, he would slowly turn her and flog her with a riding crop. This act does not necessarily fall under the sadomasochism, but it is one of five forms of BDSM.  What impressed me more than the actual performance was watching him communicate with her. I could tell he was making sure she was comfortable. 

 Myths and misconceptions removed. 

 That night was an eye awakening experience. I can honestly say that every myth and misconception that invaded my brain was removed. First hand, I was able to infiltrate the world of kink and fetish. What another person likes sexually may not be what the next person may want. There is nothing wrong with that, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. As I said before, sex is mostly psychological, and if you are with a person of like mind, then I say go for it. There are so many reasons why people live out their unconventional desires. Who are we to judge? Do your research find an event in your area. Visit websites and chat with people who have been in the lifestyle for a while. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them. Would you like to read more about this subject? Leave me a question in the comments or send me a private message. 

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