Where in the World is Lydia?

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

― Kevin Durant


Where have you been hiding? When is your next post? Is everything okay? The last two weeks has been a boxing match between talent and hard work. So far it has been a draw! Maintaining a work-life balance can be quite difficult. Juggling work and personal life are quite consuming. In my opinion; I manage pretty well considering! hands-600497_640

Work and the pursuit of…. More Work.

Most of my readers are old enough to remember the geographical game and show, “Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego?” Carmen traveled the world conspiring with crooks. I love being a virtual assistant, social media manager, and freelance writer it allows me to travel the world from the comfort of my home and network with entrepreneurs and fellow writers. I find enjoyment in being a gumshoe for startup’s, nurturing my client’s social media, helping them to develop their brand, watching the business grow, their baby becomes my child. They are often surprised and pleased by what I help them to accomplish. Needless to say marketing myself on Twitter, LinkedIn and freelance sites such as Upwork.com has been vital to keeping me busy.

Writing and a writer’s life.

My blog writing has been very limited, but my writing has not stopped. Before blogging, I did content and article writing for clients websites. Freelance writing is also a wonderful way to get recognized and make money. Although, lately I have been working on my memoir, fictional novel and compositions for Two Drops of Ink.  The literary blog voted one of the “100 Best Websites for Writers” for the second year in a row. Thanks to The Write Life for recognizing such a great site, team and all of its contributing authors. Guest blogging is also an awesome way to get exposure to the writing world. Two Drops of Ink is always accepting submissions.  I have so many ideas dancing around in my head, some have been jotted down, and some are begging to be released. It would take a lifetime to give birth to every idea or maybe quit my day job. So I devote at least two hours daily in need of releasing creative pressure.


Life at home.

We have been back home for two months. Well, at least I have! My dear Jimmy took a month off before heading back out. Which was not a part of the plan! That is the problem with passions. They can be an addiction. It is hard to live without or break free if it. Truck driving is his passion. Throughout the week he is out on the open road continuing his service to his country delivering freight and the weekends are for us. Our understanding the others need to do what we love for a living is what makes us work. Eight days to bond a month and four hours of phone time a day, I often miss my best friend. Two weeks ago we took a four day weekend together which was wonderful. Jimmy is my soul mate and so much more. In an attempt to make sure our beautiful union does not go lacking we promise to escape to the world where only we exist when we are together. It works.


For my friends and followers who have inquired about me, I say thanks. I am here. Grateful to have such caring friends and supporters. Honored that my clients trust me with their businesses.

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Author: Lydia

I am just what my blog says... I Live...Love...Share!!! I'm a Virtual Administrative Assistant, Writer and Social Media Marketer/ Manager. I spend most of my life online working, learning and meeting new people.

9 thoughts on “Where in the World is Lydia?”

  1. Lydia, you two are wise to regularly escape “to a world where only you two exist”. It’s definitely the key to a healthy relationship. My husband and I love to hang out in unplugged places too.
    Blessings ~ Wendy


  2. Great to have an update from you, Lydia! I enjoyed learning more about you personally and your daily life. It can certainly be a whirlwind some days as we get through deadlines at home, all with the amazing ability to do our jobs online from the comforts of home. I am glad you are managing well and even carving out time to “release creativity” ❤

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  3. Hi Lydia,
    Yes, it is so easy to get tied up in routine or a project. Where did the week go; for that matter, the month? For me, the older the I get, the faster times seems to move. I thought when I retired, things would slow down. It doesn’t. It’s the opposite. Now to deal with the responsibility, I have to delegate my time as if I was still working. Bummer!

    Enjoyed your post—KEEP WRITING


    1. Oh No!!! The highlight of working is the ability to retire, relax and watch the days slowly pass. Your saying that time moves faster is definitely a major BUMMER!!! Thanks for reading my post.


  4. I’m glad you are ok. I’ve been very busy myself. Its funny how when I want to spend time the most on something I like to do like, writing. That part of my time is always taken. I make it a point to spend one hour each morning for just me. Thanks for letting us all know where you have been.


    1. I agree, it seems like everything and every person in your life needs you more. In the evening I play my Facebook🎮 games to decompress. 😄 LOLOL!!!


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