Open Your Eyes: It’s An American Issue.

Control the Options: Get Others to Play with the Cards you Deal

The best deceptions are the ones that seem to give the other person a choice:  Your victims feel

they are in control but are actually your puppets.  Give people options that come out in your

favor whichever one they choose.  Force them to make choices between the lesser of two evils,

both of which serve your purpose.  Put them on the horns of a dilemma:  They are gored wherever they turn.


I wrestled with myself about whether I should write about the present events in America. Naturally, I decided to share my feelings, but I struggled again with what I should say and how I should say it. As a seeker and a speaker of the truth, I am unable to say what people want to hear. As I writer I am always prepared for any backlash due to the voicing of my views, but I refuse to follow the masses. We are not dealing with a race issue, it’s an American issue.


A week ago the actor Jesse Williams, accepted the humanitarian award at the BET Awards and used that time to go on a five-minute rant about racial injustice and how the black community will mobilize and restructure their function and ours (paraphrased). This was the wrong speech to be given as a recipient of a humanitarian award and a bi- racial American. Mr. Williams, a teacher, should be aware of the power of words and how they mislead when not adequately clarified. He used his fame and the given platform to throw fuel on a small fire. If he honestly felt that police are failing to de- escalate situations, then he should have used that time to attempt to do so himself. Thus showing himself to be a true humanitarian. Mr. Williams is a shadow caster!

Black Lives Matter, #BlackLivesMatter… NO! All Lives Matter.

The trending and popular slogan “Black Lives Matter” is widely used by protesters, celebrities, media and our POTUS. My slogan is “All Lives Matter”. Genesis 1:27 compels me as a Christian to love all people and not harbor hate in my heart, no matter how another person may feel about me. Racism does still exist; I have never experienced it until I went out on the road with my husband. My response was not with anger, negativity and judgment of all Caucasians. Instead, I killed her ignorance with kindness! A smile, loving tone, peace in your heart and extending blessings is enough to convict her spiritually. I would protect a klansman or skinhead from being brutally beaten or murdered by another because that is what a Christian does. Their lives matter!


Black Lives Matter is a tarnished organization. The founder Charles Wade is facing charges of human trafficking and prostitution. The life and chastity of the seventeen-year-old girl did not matter. This man who used the charities donations for his benefit is also a financial scammer. Mr. Wade alleges that conservatives have unfairly targeted him. Moral values and self- respect will not allow me to associate with this cause.

Killings by Law Enforcement is an American Issue.

The number of African Americans killed at the hands of law enforcement is high. BUT…. Yes there is a but. Let’s look at the number of Caucasians and others died at the hands of police that does not get media time. Just because it is not trending on social media or highly televised does not mean it is not happening. Here are the names of a few Americans who were murdered by police officers.

  • Caroline Small a mother of two was shot and killed by Glynn County, Georgia police officers. The officers joked about how they watched her head explode from the bullet. Ms. Small did not have a weapon and the officers were said to be justified in their actions.
  • Ryan Keith Bolinger was seen dancing in the street by an officer who thought he was either mentally ill or drunk. Mr. Bolinger was allowed to reenter his car and engaged police in a slow speed chase at 35 miles per hour. After the chase, the victim exited his vehicle and allegedly started to approach the officers car with a purpose. The officer shot through her rolled up window striking Mr. Bolinger in the torso; he died later at the hospital. The police faced no charges.
  • Gilbert Flores was being questioned by officers outside of his home after a domestic violence call. Officers claimed the victim had a knife in his possession. They proceeded to order Mr. Flores to put his hands up, and he complied. A witness stated a few seconds after he raised his hands in the air police shot
  • Autumn Steele killed by the officer who escorted her to the home she shared with her husband to retrieve her belongings. An argument between Mrs. Steele and her husband began outside, and the officer was attempting to break up the altercation. The family dog continued to be playful with the officer, but he was startled by the dog and proceeded to shoot. Autumn was struck in the chest and killed.

Caucasian Americans are murdered at the hands of police just as much as African Americans. Caucasians will file lawsuits, write their congressman or engage in quiet protests. It is easier to stir the wrong type of reaction from the black community. Killing cops and white people is not the answer. African Americans must take the time to realize who is the real enemy. Government and the judicial system is the blame for poorly trained officers and for their veiled attempt to divide and conquer. We are all in the same sinking ship together.

As a writer, I regularly encourage my readers to seek the truth; remove the veil. It is important that we read between the lines of what you see on TV and in the media. There are many sides to a story, and they will tell and show American citizens what they want them to know. Why hasn’t our presidential candidates come forward to speak to the issue? Hillary supporters, what is she doing to bring an end to this travesty in society? If she is the favorite among the black community and cares so much for the well- being of African Americans. What is she doing or going to do to stop the killings? Understand when pawns are being used to cause dissension between the races and when you are just a vote needed to gain office.

Work on the Hearts and Minds of Others

Coercion creates a reaction that will eventually work against you.  You must seduce others into

wanting to move in your direction.  A person you have seduced becomes your loyal pawn.  And

the way to seduce others is to operate on their individual psychologies and weaknesses.  Soften

up the resistant by working on their emotions, playing on what they hold dear and what they fear.

Ignore the hearts and minds of others and they will grow to hate you.


The purpose for my writing about this issue is because too many people have died. Misplaced anger and hatred is a tool that in your possession and used against you. Violence begets violence and means more meaningless deaths. No one wins! You can no longer hold a race of people responsible for the actions of their ancestors. Every occurrence is not racially motivated, research the facts and make an educated decision. Strategically fight the good fight but fight the real enemy and not innocent people. We shall overcome if all Americans pull together as one demanding justice.




Author: Lydia

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16 thoughts on “Open Your Eyes: It’s An American Issue.”

  1. “We shall overcome if all Americans pull together as one demanding justice.”
    Hi Lydia ,
    I read portions of your article before penning what I hope you take as a kind and gentle rebuttal. My feelings are that maybe you haven’t lived long enough to experience much of life’s ugliness, which happens to include racism and racist acts. Yes, Jessie accepted his humanitarian award with a poetic spill about. It was his authentic truths, which we all have to take accountability for. Your hope that we pull together to overcome is a voice of redundancy, because the reality is that, outside of a miracle, not all America is going to pull together for the common good. Obama wanted that. You and I want that. People of color have been praying for that moment in history for centuries.

    Rev. Martin Luther Kings nonviolence decree was for all people to live by, but, that’s only going to happen in a perfect world and we do not live in perfection. What Blacks folks need to stop doing is hiding their heads in the sand and actually be present in their reality. Only then, will we unite to form healthy solutions to end this dis-ease between the races. Yes, Indeed, there are racist cops out here actually killing black males (and females) who poses no threat to their lives- especially when the person is having his head smashed in, or shot point blank or shot dead while walking away from confrontation. I don’t encourage violence against another group or race of people, but, God’s wrath will rain down to ensure an aggressor gets “an eye for an eye” and there’s little human beings can do about that.

    Nikki Giovanni recently in Chicago for an event was asked her opinion on the police shootings in Dallas. She put things in blunt perspective by saying, ” “now they know how it feels to get shot.” Wow! right? Because Black folks are not supposed to speak our truths. We’re not supposed to upset the apple cart of white supremacy and power. We’re supposed to suck up to the white race baiting and hatred and remain voiceless. Just maybe this young man, at 25 who had everything to live for, got tired of being sick and tired. Unfortunately, as a product of Southern Jim Crow, I can say with certainty that violence doesn’t solve this problem that is most definitely about race relations in America.

    Clara Freeman

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    1. You’re right at the age of 39, I have not been a product of Jim Crow nor any viciously racist act. I do believe that there is a better way to handle the issue other than shooting and or killing each other. We should speak our truths!!! In a peaceful and diplomatic fashion. Demand a change peacefully!!! The smartest protest I have seen in my time was the Million Man march, it included men of all ethnicity and it was peaceful. They intelligently expressed their views to congress. That is the way to demand justice for all. There are children out there now with no fathers, mothers with a deceased son and wives with no husband on both sides of the fence. It breaks my heart!!! You’re argument is understandable. I just feel that even though Micah reached his breaking point, may he rest in peace should have channeled his anger in another way. I appreciate reading your views on the subject. If we can all share our opinions like you and I this world would be on the way to getting a little better but like you said it will never be perfect. Thanks again, Clara Freeman. Feel free to pen your views and I will happily share them. Maybe you and I can open the eyes of all people.


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