A Shout Out to My Blogging Comrades.

Many bloggers are avid readers and faithful followers of other blogs. As a blogger and social media coordinator, reading and commenting on the content of other bloggers is a natural part of my daily operations. I often share the posts of bloggers which consists of informative and entertaining information, authors of books and those who write about their lives. As we follow many blogs, there are some that we frequent more than others for one reason or another. Today, I will list some of my favorite blogs and a little information about the blog.


Two Drops of Ink a literary blog that provides informative writing advice for aspiring and established writers. I love that Two Drops of Ink is devoted to all types of literature. Publishing contributing posts from writers looking for exposure seasoned writers and authors. The vote of the 100 best websites for writers is evident when you visit the blog. Subscribe, contribute and ‘Like’ Two Drops of Ink on Facebook.

From Addict 2 Advocate the title of this site describes it’s primary purpose to the letter. Informative articles about dealing with addiction as an addict or a family member or a friend of an addict. As we all know addiction is a growing epidemic in the U.S. Marilyn Davis, counselors and recovering addicts take a serious topic and simplifies it for all people to grasp and understand. She sprinkles a little humor in her posts as well. You can join in on conversations via the blog or on Facebook.

A Disciples Journey, a new blog by Scott Biddulph.  It is about the trials and tribulations of living a good Christian life. He brings it to the forefront through scripture and referencing his personal struggles. This amazing writer shows his followers that we are not alone in our pursuit to live a life pleasing to God. Scott Biddulph is also the creator and editor of “Two Drops of Ink”.

Poetic Parfait is a ‘Poetic treat for the mind’. This site is great if you are a lover of poetry, looking for inspiration or wish to talk about poetry. She states, “This site is a haven for you to gain insights through poetry about love, connection, endurance, inspiration, health and more.” I bear witness that this is a true statement. Christy first started Poetic Parfait as therapy to get her through a dark period in her life. The site gave birth to two books. I have also had the pleasure of writing a piece for her When Women Inspire blog.


Opinionated Man/ Harsh Reality attracted me to the blog because of the title. I am very opinionated and reality at times can be quite harsh. I had to take the time to read what the ‘Opinionated Man’ had to say. J.C.C is a man that has a voice; he is not only opinionated, poetic and enlightening but inspirational. The opinionated man is worthy to be read.

On GobbledeGoox by Peter Giblett, you will find a mixture of posts about the subjects such as writing, social media, and blogging. The site is very informative. Peter shares his knowledge of these subjects in hopes of assisting others. If you are seeking advice as a blogger or social media, there are some informative articles to get you started.

Kitschy Chic Couture is for the ladies who love handbags. These are not just any handbag! If you are into handcrafted leather and fabric bags made with TLC, then this blog is an awesome site for you. Kitschy Chic blog takes you into the day and life of a designer. She also displays a wide variety of her creations.

Shehanne Moore is an author of ‘smexy historical romance’. Romance novels are not my first choice when I sit down to read, but the compelling story lines including jewel thieves and vikings are what grabs her readers. The unique way Shehanne Moore promotes and markets her blog and books is what sparked my interest. Every email notification of a blog post, interview, and new novel is a treat.

As bloggers, we should support each other. I not only love what I do, but I am also passionate about it. To pay homage to my craft, I support those who do what I do. Tweets, Facebook Likes, reblogging and comments are just a few ways I show love. Social media marketing/ management and writing are my main sources of income, but life is not always about the almighty dollar. How many writers or bloggers have you given a shout out lately? Where does your true passion lie? In the art or the pursuit to become the next famous author or a well paid blogger? The next time you sit down to create your next post, I encourage you to think about your fellow bloggers and take ten minutes to read and comment on their work.



Author: Lydia

I am just what my blog says... I Live...Love...Share!!! I'm a Virtual Administrative Assistant, Writer and Social Media Marketer/ Manager. I spend most of my life online working, learning and meeting new people.

27 thoughts on “A Shout Out to My Blogging Comrades.”

  1. Hi Lydia,
    Thanks for liking my post at Authentic Woman! I like your blog. Very informative and inspiring. Maya Angelou reminded us that when we know better we do better. I Keep Trying:)


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    1. You’re welcome Clara. I love reading the work of others. As writers/ bloggers we must support each other. Maya Angelou was correct. I can see the improvement in my creative process. You will do the same!!!! I found your post to be very “Authentic”. I encourage you to visit Two Drops of Ink Literary Blog, that’s where I get much of my encouragement, tips and advice. I truly love it and they are the BEST editors. Thanks for visiting my blog and for taking the time to like and comment. I truly appreciate your time. Don’t be a stranger, if you reach out to me I will answer. I cherish my followers!!!

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  2. Thank you for the like. When individuals bother to actively like something i write or comment on I visit their site and see what they are writing. Unfortunately I have not the time this morning to give your posts my full attention, I am in the middle of a renovation of my house and time is limited. But I am curious and will read your posts, that much you can count on. Thank you for the “invitation” as I like to see it.

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  3. Lydia, you are so very kind. Your comments and the fact you have picked me have truly touched me today. now I will be able to lick the last 100 pages into order and hand them to be ed before she tears her hair out xxxx

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      1. OMG thank you. I honestly can’t write cheese. Lol, I was at a crossroads about that when I first started out and I had an er…cheese… company interested. my fear was not that I would be rejected, it was I would be accepted. I thought it’s gonna kill me to write this stuff. If I am going to write romance I am gonna do it my way. You are one amazing lady. I was able to zoom through whole scenes I’d torn to bits today and –at least–get the majority to me ed, cos of you xxxxxxx


      2. Thanks for not giving in. It’s writers like you that stick to their passion and what they believe in that pave the way for writers like me. You also are amazing and very creative. I love it!!! Any way I can assist you I’m happy to help. M’Lady (as I curtsy)!!! LOL 🙂

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      3. Jeez Lydia, I curtsy to you for making not just my day, my week. Probably my month. It’s words like yours that make not giving in everything. I’m totally gobsmacked to be thought of as a kind of Indian runner that way. I’ve aye thought I was a pain in the ass who just made it hard for herself. I know there’s people who can but I just won’t change my voice, or the kind of characters I want to write about, or the way I write romance, to get any publishing contract. I want to see other writers out there like that, whatever their genre. Writers who can and will do something their way. I am hoping, I am praying I am going to see you out there and anything I can do to help you, you let me know. Love you to bits sxxxxx

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      4. I’m happy to found such a wonderful new friend. I hope to have finished my first suspense novel by this time next year. Love you to bits too!!!! 🙂

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    1. Firstly you have your first buyer. Secondly re your novel,if you need someone to hold your hand and walk with you at that point, I am at your side in any and also every way. I mean that. Not the writing, the process beyond that. xxxxxxx

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