The Writer’s Journal – a Vital Tool

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By Peter B. Giblett

A writer has to always be on the lookout for new material, but at the same time they come across snippets of information that may or may not be of any use in the future, that is what is the purpose of a writer’s journal. One thing the journal is NOT is a diary or account of how good or bad their day was, but a place to record ideas, snippets, life moments, things you have heard, etc. Personally, I use an electronic journal, but I know of many writers that use a paper notebook to jot down their experiences, either way, what is important is getting into the habit of note taking and taking your notebook everywhere with you.

A writers notebook is a sanctuary for a deliberate cultivated awareness of our surroundings, imagination and inner world. ~ Jessica P. Morrell 2007.

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  1. I have found a Journal to be a transformative tool of immeasurable power. If we are open to it and allow it to be, it can be a connection to insightful wisdom from a Source beyond our thinking mind.

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