Are Writers Destroying On-line Writing Sites?

What is the quality of your writing?

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By: Peter B. Giblett

One writer on the general interest site Wikinut has suggested that many on-line writers are “destroying writing sites“, as an on-line writer, moderator, and editor I am very concerned about the quality of language used as a growing number of people find ways to express their thoughts. Thus the on-line writing world is living a paradox, with conflict between the need for quality and the need to publish.

Encouraging New Writers

In truth I remember the need to write on-line for the first time and If I ever look back at those articles I know they do not demonstrate the same standard of writing as my current articles do. It is my belief that new writers should always be encouraged – it takes a leap of faith of gigantic proportions to start writing in a public forum, especially for the more conservative…

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