36 Services to Help Publicize your Writing

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Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

By Peter B. Giblett
Aside from creating their masterpieces the greatest activity a writer needs to be involved with is publicising their work, across the web, many sites have been designed to aid those publicity efforts, each works slightly differently, but each has its value in showcasing your work. On-line writers need to leverage all the tools (like Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) they can in order to spread the message about their work. It is unlikely that you will use every site listed. Indeed, some have very specialist uses and will not be everyone.
Having researched this over many years I am aware there are many services available in languages other than English, I have not included services here unless they use English as I am unable to fully explore their capabilities, but if you speak another language then feel free to use services for other languages.
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