Every new Reader is a Milestone to Treasure!

Useful Tips to gain new readers by Peter Giblett

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

By Peter B. Giblett.

I would prefer to generate a single virgin reader for something I wrote than have no-one read the piece. We live in a different age to that of the classic novelist, I know of some people who have never written a book, yet millions have read their work. It is clear the Internet has changed things forever for the majority living on this planet. As much as this thought scares me, the genius who is born tomorrow may never pick up and read a single book during the course of their lifetime, to them all reading will be done another way, through the eReader or the Internet.

computers worlds etherial womanThe Internet changes everything, we find things in a different way, but it also opens the entire world to us, we are no longer restricted to the locality in which we live or the nation state that we…

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