Societal Devolution: Some food for thought

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As this world spirals forward, spinning at thousands of miles an hour, we seem to stand still or even regress. Some say society has progressed. It may have concerning technology but what about the “civil society”? I look around and see technology, like cell phones, that amazes me by what it can do. I remember cell phones looking like a weapon used to hit a mugger. Now, at the touch of my finger, the world awaits. And yet, are we any wiser? I don`t think so. It`s not the fault of technology; It’s the same horrific, self-absorbed human heart that killed Abel. Our cell phone is a symptom, an extension of our need to hide and feed ourselves; it`s another of our addictions. It`s a palliative medicine for our selfishness.

Alongside what I believe to be the natural vices of the human heart, intellectual laziness feeds other unpleasant societal mores…

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