Arcing, Enhancing, and Advancing the Memoir

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By: Marilyn L. Davis

Memoirs are hot topics again. Like all literature, memoir goes in and out of favor. However, with so many people blogging, self-publishing, and “knowing their story will touch millions”, there is ample opportunity to write a good and bad memoir.

Since my memoir, Finding North: A Woman’s Journey from Addict 2 Advocate is with the editor, I don’t have to focus on the product but have time to write about the planning and process of memoir writing, because it’s within the planning and processing that we improve upon the story. That is not to say that we embellish, mislead or outright lie in our memoir, but we do enhance the events, and concentrate on the emotions, thoughts, and conflict of the protagonist – and that’s us.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to create a bell curve and decide a starting point in…

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2 thoughts on “Arcing, Enhancing, and Advancing the Memoir”

  1. Good morning, Lydia; thank you for including this on your site. Memoir can help us make sense of our lives, find the universal truths, and share those lessons with others, or let them learn vicariously, so they don’t have to experience the negative outcomes.

    Again, thanks for your encouragement and support. I appreciate it.


    1. I will always promote the work of you, Peter and Scott. Where writing is therapy for me, so is the lessons you teach on FromAddict2Advocate. That is the power of writing that I speak about so fondly!!! An open mind and the ability to be transparent allows me to truthfully share the true me with the world. Thank you for being the best friend anyone can ever have!!! You are a diamond, I love you and will always support all that you do!!!


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