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The Labyrinth of the mind:

It`s often said that creative people are at best a bit mental and at worst—completely nuts. Although I don`t consider myself nuts—and neither do the people locked away in mental institutions—I sometimes display the behavior of a man that might need some meds (laughing).

I saw this very claim in raw form at a recent Spoken Word Poetry event (some call it Slam Poetry) hosted by University of North Georgia which featured #Neil Hilborn. I wasn`t sure how to take Hilborn at first. I did enjoy several of his poems but I have to admit I think he`s found a niche in his own admission of being OCD, neurotic, and basically, all around, mentally ill. I left with the odd feeling that crazy was profitable for some. My point is that we all have a bit of neurosis and that`s okay. I believe…

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