Violence is NOT the Answer!!!

Over the past 36 months, we as Americans have noticed an increase of violence and brutality by police officers upon citizens. Some of these acts of brutality has resulted in deaths. I can totally understand the anger and frustration that these occurrences are causing the American public. To be perfectly honest, I’m starting to fear police officers due to the constant reports of police committing acts of violence towards citizens. Although, I do understand and keep in mind that there are awesome and responsible police officers. I refuse to judge ALL police officers because of the acts of a few. I recognize that I must protect myself and stay aware and alert. When I lived in Florida, I had the pleasure of being friends with quite of few, I was also saved from a possible attack by an admirer who proceeded to follow me to my car one evening after work. If the police officer would not have watched me walk to my car and notice this male following me to my car only God knows what would have happened. All police officers are not bad!!!

My husband and I briefly saw the report about the Baltimore Riots last night before bed. This morning while watching the Today Show, I was brought to tears. I was saddened by the senselessness of the riots. How does burning down and destroying a community gain positive results?  How does inflicting violence upon innocent people including police officers who had nothing to do with the incident, obtain justice? This makes no sense and is in my opinion counter productive. Violence is definitely not the answer!!! dove-41260_1280

I understand the need to protest!!! Whatever happened to picketing? Petitions? Sit- Ins? Peaceful protests make the most noise and accomplish better results. Violence only begets more violence!!! Looting destroys communities and costs more in the interim, on many different levels. It saddens me that the only way to resolve a situation is to pillage and destroy. As a veteran, I feel the energy we put toward destroying our country should be put towards fighting for our country.

The family asked for peace!!! I feel the looters and protestors should have respected this request. Yesterday should have been a day of mourning for Freddie Gray and the family. To participate in violence and looting in Freddie Gray’s name is actually an act of disrespect. The way to honor him would be to peacefully protest his death, due to the fact that he died violently.

The only positive I saw was the woman who stopped her son from participating in the riots. I commend her for her actions!!! It is important to teach our children, there is definitely a right and a wrong way to handle everything. They must be taught that to think things through before reacting to any and every situation in life. As parents how can we teach these values if we don’t have these values ourselves? My question to the looters is… what benefits came out of their actions? Did you receive justice? Did it bring back Freddie Gray? Did it end the pain and suffering of Freddie Gray’s family? Will your actions imprison or punish the officers involved with the death of Freddie Gray? I know the answer to all of my questions is “NO”!!! So what was it all for?


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