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I recently read an article about Barbara Corcoran a businesswoman who started “The Corcoran Group” from a $1000 loan that is now a $5 billion dollar business. She is a consultant, speaker, investor and now a TV personality on Shark Tank. I learned about Barbara Corcoran 2 years ago and literally adopted her as a perfect model of what I wanted to be as an entrepreneur.

In the article “Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran: Real Winners Say ‘Hit Me Again’ was a very interesting and enlightening read. The article provides encouragement to other women who are in the pool of entrepreneurship or just starting to get their feet wet. To read about the obstacles that she encountered along the way would encourage all women to go from “Paycheck to Prosperity” (http://www.teambossygals.com/). Barbara Corcoran has a degree in education and also waited tables at one time in her life. She is now a business mogul.

As women, we tend to allow life and it’s occurrences to hold us back and others to discourage us. Corcoran also fought through some of the same obstacles we face. Her boyfriend ran away with her secretary, she suffers from dyslexia and has a fear of failure. How many of us have similar fears and circumstances that make us feel unable to accomplish great things? I will be the first one to say that as a twice-divorced woman who watched her virtual assisting business that was striving, crumble to the ground due to a second divorce. I can definitely understand and feel what she went through. My drive is stronger than my circumstances and so are you!

What business venture or vision do you have that constantly burns deep within? It does not matter if one person is doing that same business or a million others. Barbara started from an idea the drive and ambition to strive for success allowed her to accomplish great things. We have the ability to tell the world and all of its nay doubters “Hit Me Again”. We must wake up every day with the mindset of what we will do to get closer to our goals, establishing a thriving business. Rejection should be fuel for the fire within us as it was for Barbara Corcoran. I challenge you and myself to get started or even to go to the next level in your business ventures. If you are looking for like-minded women feel free to inquire at http://www.teambossygals.com/. We are women who support other women in all of their endeavors.


Barbara Corcoran, “The Corcoran Group” and Shark Tank TV Personality

Barbara Corcoran

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