If One Million People Were Listening, What Would You Say?

As a “SURVIVOR” of domestic violence, I must say AWESOME job!!! I totally agree!!!

Uncommon Graces

When Katy Perry hit the field at halftime Super Bowl Sunday, the crowd exploded with excitement, but I didn’t.

Before taking the stage, she expressed to the media,

I just hope that at the end of the day, over 100 million people are all smiling in unison.

I was one of the people who wasn’t smiling. For 12 minutes, Katy Perry took the stage with an opportunity before her to share one very powerful message. She missed It.

No More

As they anticipated the publication of the first No More commercial aired by the NFL during an event as momentous as the Super Bowl, the Joyful Heart Foundation exclaimed,

A historic 30 seconds!

When videos like Ray Rice’s go viral, the world loves to join in on the hype. But for survivors and victims all over the world, the video served as a trigger and a reminder. We didn’t just watch, we felt…

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