#ReviewWomen2015: women’s fiction and “serious” reviewers

Helena Fairfax

helena fairfax, bestselling romanceEarlier this week an article came out in the Huffington Post called: #ReviewWomen2015: It’s time to take commercial fiction seriously The author, Hannah Beckerman, posed a question I’ve asked before on this blog, and I’m sure many other female authors have asked as well: Why is it so hard to find reviews of “women’s fiction” in serious newspapers?

I agree with Hannah Beckerman in not really liking the term “women’s fiction.” Since the majority of literary critics are men, sometimes I ask myself is it this term, more than anything, that puts them off? Do they think because a book is about relationships, families and the interior lives of women,  it must be somehow inferior?  If the book is written by a woman, I think they do. If it’s written by a man, then maybe it’s a different story. David Nicholls’ novel One Day fits right in with all the…

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