Persevere Through It ALL!!!

Have you found yourself feeling defeated, depressed? I mean like totally beat down to the point where you feel out of gas with nothing left? I already know the answer for some of us is a definite “Yes”. I must admit that I have been there more than once!! Life throwing curve ball after curveball and I have not been able to accomplish a successful bunt, the ability to hit one out of the park is not even accomplishable. Not at that time!!! I have been to the point where all I want to do is sleep but I cannot sleep because my mind is so active. I have found myself pacing through my house talking and muttering to myself. I mean going from room to room as if I am looking for something. Some may find that as weird or maybe even crazy but during those times i seem to find calm. Some how it gives me the unconscious ability to work things out or the faith to know that what I am going through will pass and I will survive.

I went on my last “Home Walk- A- Thon” a month ago. LOL!!! The feeling of failure due to the start of another divorce. This walk was different though because it did not last long and I felt empowered in my decision. I realize that often times we are affected by things because of the fear of what others may say or think. Oh My God… She just can”t get it right. She is divorcing again? She this, that and the other!!! Blah! Blah! Blah! Casting my cares to the wind and being focused as well as knowing that one person should not judge another unless they have walked in their shoes. I not going to say a mile in a persons shoes because you can’t get the full affect by just walking a simple mile.

I feel strong and inspired about life because i know that as long as I persevere and fight, I will be greatly rewarded with all that I desire. If I speak up and share my experiences with others it will also help others to stay in the race. So I say all this to say let every day be a learning experience because if we don’t learn something then we are doing something wrong. Put on your running shoes and your boxing gloves…. your running shoes to run in the race and your boxing gloves to fight to the very end. einstein-quote-550x320

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