My Joyful Return!!!

I am joyfully returning to my social platform. It has been five months but it feels like years since my last post. So much has transpired in that amount of time! Life can take you from one extreme to another in a short amount of time.
One minute business was slowing down which gave me more time to build my business and write more. I woke up one morning to many client emails and the phone ringing off the hook, all of them asking me to throw them a life line. Their business needs increased and with that so did my work, putting my blogging and the marketing of my own business on the back burner. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not complaining. Increase in work means an increase in money! More shoes to support my shoe fetish…LOL!!! Who is going to complain about making more money in this economy? Certainly not me!
Even though there has been some good times, we all know we must go through the bad times as well. It just comes with the territory! I’m in the middle of a divorce right now but it is a happy occasion. I’m not woe is me and crying in my soup. I face each day with a beautiful smile and a beautiful, optimistic outlook on life. I have my big girl boots on and I plan to mosey right along. It’s great to be back in the loop and I can’t wait to read and write.

Author: Lydia

I am just what my blog says... I Live...Love...Share!!! I'm a Virtual Administrative Assistant, Writer and Social Media Marketer/ Manager. I spend most of my life online working and learning new people and things. My passion is writing, meeting interesting people and discussing a variety of subjects.

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