Ferguson: Racial Tensions Out of Control!!!

This whole situation is utterly ridiculous!!! Why is racism still a problem in America? Let’s not all speak up at once!!! What rock are these racist crawling out from under?
While we are spending this useless energy hating, fighting, looting and killing each other, there are far more things going on that needs attention. I cannot understand nor do I want to… I was not raised to hate. Then to involve the biggest instigator of all time… Mr. Al Sharpton! You better believe he was paid very well to show his face. I wish he would find a mountain and crawl under it.
Situations like this make it difficult for those of us in interracial relationships, marriages and from mixed families. WOW!!! I’m so saddened that we can’t get past the color of a persons skin after all these years.


Author: Lydia

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