Don’t Test Me, Bro: Against Psychometric Testing of Kids

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I have two arguments for you as to why children should not undergo personality assessments or be subjected to almost any other psychometric measurement. The first is that personality constructs developed by adults often do not apply to children; and the second is that while we are all susceptible to self-fulfilling prophecies, children are far more likely to become exactly what you tell them they are.


Unless you are witnessing a child’s severe emotional or mental collapse with a relatively clear cause (grief, trauma, loss, guilt, etc.), many forms of counseling or psychological assessment focused on self-discovery that vastly benefit adults could be detrimental to normal childhood development.


Many researchers, employers or other groups, and individuals benefit greatly from understanding core personality elements, relative intelligence (IQ), behavioral attributes or inclinations, emotional and social intelligence levels (EQ), work aptitudes, and other abilities that help people understand their core strengths and…

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