Beethoven, The Transiberian Orchestra, My Granddaughter, and Me

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Today I Danced

I knew I was playing with fire, or rather, playing Russian Roulet with my heart. Correction: since I was listening to “Beethoven’s Last Night,” by The Transiberian Orchestra, I was playing Russian Roulet with a German composer.

 I have severely damaged lungs and a weak heart. All I have heard for the last few months was “Stay down. No activity. Do not overwork your heart—it’s fragile.”

 Lately my heart thinks it’s racing in the Kentucky Derby against Sea-Biscuit, or Secretariat. To be honest, I’m surprised my heart even knows about horse races. Maybe it recognizes greatness when it sees it—like the impromptu opera dance I was watching.

 Today I saw greatness—my heart, that is. I watched my eight-year-old granddaughter dance and twirl to the opera of, “Beethoven’s Last Night.” I was witnessing something that was absolutely priceless and I could not restrain…

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